The RQM MultiEvo.

Every revolution needs a pioneer.

  • exceptionally economical
  • simply compact
  • completely hygienic

higher system efficiency

* The ROM MultiEvo achieves up to 15% higher efficiency
than the market leading conventional EC/PM plug fans.

What is MultiEvo?

The MultiEvo technology describes a spiral,-shaped multiple part, integrated guide vane. This dynamic optimization provides maximum system efficiency. The perfect interplay between impeller, motor and multiple spirals provides for unparalleled energy efficiency. A hybrid revolution.


Hybrid is the future

The new RQM MultiEvo combines the easy handling of free-running centrifugal fans with the effectiveness of traditional housing fans. In principle, it is a directly driven centrifugal fan with spiral-shaped guide vanes. The unique design of the multiple discharge scroll far exceeds the efficiency levels of conventional EC plug fans.

  • Up to 78 % system efficiency
  • Easy installation on the floor, wall or ceiling
  • Simple component replacement while servicing and maintenance
  • Easy accessibility, for example, in case of cleaning

Advantages of the RQM MultiEvo


Always reach the optimal duty point with maximum efficiency - often at just one motor power rating lower than traditional free-running fans. Just plug in and switch on. Each system solution comes parameterized and ready for operation – including a prior functional test and test run. That saves time and money.


Horizontal or vertical: Install the RQM MultiEvo with integrated electronics directly to the floor, wall or ceiling – without having to install the inverter separately outside of the system. An unshielded power supply cable is required for the connection. All components can be replaced quickly and easily. That makes initial operation, maintenance and service extremely easy.


Regular inspections of AHUs require absolute cleanliness. For this reason, when designing the RQM MultiEvo, we have taken care to ensure that the impeller is easy to clean via the guide vanes or the optional opening flaps. It can’t be simpler.

Benchmark – up to 78 % system efficiency

The RQM MultiEvo reaches approx. 15 % higher energy efficiency than the best free-running or traditional fans with EC technology on the market. The measured absolute system efficiency levels reach values of up to 78% depending on the size. (system = fan, motor, frequency converter).

And: Depending on the duty point, the noise emissions of the RQM MultiEvo are up to 4 dB lower.

Here is the proof - go to ILK Dresden's independent test report.

Test report (PDF)

For climate control and ventilation

The RQM MultiEvo is suitable for easy installation in new systems as well as for modernizing existing systems in terms of the operating costs.

  • Plug and play installation in the AHU
  • Retrofit: Modernize and save
  • Create multiple wall configurations

For cooling

  • Computer centers
  • Control cabinets, generators and heating equipment

The RQM MultiEvo is also particularly well-suited for creating multiple wall configurations with several fans arranged next to each other and one above the other as the airflows at the outlets are mutually supportive.

The best fangrid solution

Those who place emphasis on redundant operation can rely on modular solutions which have been developed specifically for this purpose. Fan systems which are arranged in a row or stacked form a multiple wall configuration - a so-called fangrid.

In this case, fans made using hybrid design with an integrated re-direction device are particularly suitable for creating multiple wall configurations, as this facilitates air flows to the outlets one to another more easily. In comparison with free-running fans, there will be no significant installation wastage.

rqm fanwall front rqm fanwall back

Product Range

Starter package

  • PM motor in accordance with IE5
  • Impeller size 280 to 900 mm
  • Motor output from 1.4 to 22 kW
  • Max. pressure increase approx. 2,000 Pa
  • Integrated electronics
*Average system efficiency above 78%,
depending upon the fan size.

Other fans for climate control and ventilation technology


  • Internal rotor motor
  • Efficiency grade IE2/IE3/IE4
  • With fitted frequency inverter or for external inverter solution
  • Horizontal integration
  • Impeller sizes 250 – 1120
  • Max. motor output 37 kW
More information


  • Internal rotor motor
  • Efficiency grade IE2/3/4
  • Controlled with frequency inverter or fitted electronics
  • Vertical integration
  • Impeller sizes 250 – 710
  • Max. motor output 11 kW
More information

RLE E3/E6*

  • External EC rotor motor
  • Controlled with integrated electronics
  • Horizontal or vertical integration
  • Impeller sizes 250 – 630
  • Max. motor output 3.5 kW
More information


  • External EC rotor motor
  • Controlled with integrated electronics
  • Horizontal or vertical integration
  • Impeller sizes 355 – 450
  • Max. motor output 1.4 kW
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*Equipment features and technical data depending on the configuration.