Ventilatori per camere controllate

Fan solutions for Cleanroom Applications

Fan solutions for Cleanroom Applications


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Filter Fan Units (FFU) made by Nicotra Gebhardt with their perfectly matched components are designed for various kinds of industrial areas requiring clean room technology.

Fans, motors and control units may be of Nicotra Gebhardt standard design or they may be specially adapted to the actual require¬ments of a project. A system of standard sizes makes it possible – by combining them in different ways – to fill in every special shape of a building and, in this way, to create a filter fan ceiling, actively covered by the most effective filter fan units.

Nicotra Gebhardt offers software and hardware especially developed to match the high demands for a perfect clean room system. Uneven air flow distribution can be caused by a poorly designed ventilation system or by the uneven flow of air through the filter.

The Nicotra Gebhardt FFU Monitoring and Control System consists of a FFU control network connected to a computerised FFU Control centre. This FFU System is especially made for the high demands of clean room applications. The FFU Control centre allows control of a large quantity of FFUs in a very flexible and future oriented way.

The challenges and our solutions:

Our customers receive elements for a FFU as well as the complete unit from a single source
the Units are equipped with the suitable drive system

We developed control software to monitor different ventilating systems, room configurations and airflows
We are a reliable partner with more than 50 years of experience in fan construction