Customised Fan solutions

Fan solutions for Marine and Offshore


The highest comfort for the highest of standards

Above all, fans have to be compact and quiet on a ship. Our fan systems offer maximum performance in an ultra compact design, while producing very little noise. This allows passengers to enjoy comfort on board ship to the full and sleep well. A further advantage of Nicotra Gebhardt fans on the high seas: our fans are extremely reliable and durable, so your fleet can enjoy perfect ventilation for years to come.

Particularly on ships, ventilation systems are constantly exposed to aggressive conditions. That is why we provide our fans with lasting protection against harmful influences and offer several levels of corrosion protection.


Our fans are at home on all of the seven seas

The performance of Nicotra Gebhardt fans has been providing many renowned ships with exceptional ventilation for years, such as the Brilliance of the Seas, Pride of Hawaii, Radiance of the Seas, Serenade of the Seas, Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Jewel, Corel Princess, Island Princess, European Star, Symphonia and Harmony. Take advantage of our expertise and keep everything shipshape – with Nicotra Gebhardt.


You provide oil – we provide safety

Fans for offshore oil platforms pose an extreme challenge for material and technology. We take on this challenge with a solution package made from the best materials, maximum manufacturing skill and highest safety guarantee.

We are able to guarantee a unique reliability for our fans due to the use of resistant stainless steel and the latest coating technology, and the observation of the ATEX directive 94/9/EC.


We equip offshore systems throughout the world

The list of our references is long. Here are a few projects that we have equipped with fans, e.g. Snohvit (Barents Sea, Norway), Oseberg (North Sea, Norway), Huldra (Norway), Ormen Lange (North Sea, Norway), Prirazlomnoye (Barents Sea, Russia), Dalia Topside (Nigeria), Mittelplate (Germany), Kashagan (Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan).


The challenges and our solutions:

Aerodynamics and noise level comfort
Aerodynamics and noise level comfort
Many successful projects in Marine and Offshore prove our sustainable competence
Agreed delivery dates result in lower planning and logistics costs

Reliability on the high seas
With high quality corrosion protection or stainless steel, fans reach long performance lives
A well-known partner thanks to inclusion on the “Suppliers List” of various shipyards

Fan solutions for wind turbines


We partner with wind turbine manufacturers and their suppliers. Wherever air needs to be moved we know what really matters. Our experienced specialists support you in the implementation of your specification sheet, assess on our test benches, advise and assist you on site for testing, flow optimisation and engineering Together with you, we will find the optimal fan solution for a high performance system – custom-made just for you, no matter what your goals are

  • Integration in assigned spaces
  • Minimum noise emissions
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Modifications to your on-board power supply
  • Power control
  • Low weight

We know how to respond to external stresses.

  • Corrosion protection – different coating systems, galvanization, stainless steel, aluminium
  • Sealed bearings, hybrid bearings
  • Engines with special isolation, partly from our own manufacturing facilities

Maintenance. Here, we meet your individual needs.

What distinguishes us does not stop at logistics:
from paperless communication via risk management solutions, from barcodes through to handling concepts – we welcome your ideas.


The challenges and our solutions:

Low space requirement.High throughput
Highest system efficiencies deliver highest performance even for small installation dimensions
Delivery times
Agreed delivery dates result in lower planning and logistics costs

Long and reliable operation
High standard of quality and different corrosion protection systems ex factory
Quick and safe solutions due to flow simulation, FEM analyses and laboratory measurements

Fans for the Asia Pacific Rim Market / Cabinet Fans


Nicotra Gebhardt offers for the Asia Pacific Rim markets a range of axial fans. These fans include duct axial fans with long case (ADT, ADTA), short case (ADS) and short case with integral inlet cone at suction side (ADM), with the impeller directly mounted on the shaft of the drive motor, placed in the airstream.

Axial fans with long case, belt drive and motor installed outside the airstream (ABE) are also available.

All fan models use IEC standard motors and impellers with either aluminium or reinforced plastic blades.

Axial Flow - Duct Casing Fans ADT, ADTA, ADS, ADM und ABE


The axial flow fans are manufactured in several duct casing styles made of galvanized sheet steel. The axial impeller is made of aluminium casting or reinforced plastic blades and directly mounted on the shaft of an IEC standard motor placed in the airstream.

ADT/ADTA: Long duct casing, both sides with mounting flange
ADS: Short duct casing, both sides with mounting flange
ADM: Short duct casing, suction side with inlet cone and discharge side with mounting flange

  • Impeller diameters from 315 up to 1400 mm
  • Flow rate up to 180,000 m?/h
  • Pressure up to 1,600 Pa
  • Power up to 55 kW

Cabinet Fans CD, CPN and CKN


Particularly for the Asia Pacific Rim markets, Nicotra Gebhardt offers a range of cabinet fans, consisting of an external enclosure, containing either a direct driven fan from the DD range (CD cabinets), or a belt driven fan from the ADH or RDH ranges (CPN and CKN cabinets), connected with the discharge opening.

The external structure may be suitable for indoor installation (CD cabinets) or outdoor, and is conceived to be connected either to a rain-proof louver or to a duct, on both the inlet and outlet sides.

  • Flow rate up to 3,500 m3/h
  • Pressure up to 500 Pa
  • Power up to 0.55 kW