Fans for Ventilation and Air Conditioning


Scroll casing with forward curved blades – doublet inlet

This kind of fans are specially conceived for mechanical ventilation, at temperatures from 20 °C to +40 °C on S, SC, G2L and SC2 models, or up to 100 °C on AR, TIC, G2C, G2C-C2, G3C, G3C-C2 models. Air performance and sound data have been obtained in a laboratory registered by AMCA for AMCA 210/99 air performance testing and they are within the tolerances allowed by the DIN 24166 standard for Class 2.


Single, twin and triple fans

  • Impeller size (diameter/width) from 7/7 to 30/28
  • Lap-jointed scroll of galvanized steel assembled with roller-lock seaming (sizes up to 18/18) or with Pittsburgh lock seam (for sizes larger than 18/18)
  • Straight cut off plate at fan outlet
  • Impeller with forward curved blades of galvanized steel, optimized for the best efficiency and quietness
  • Galvanized steel shaft
  • Airflow up to 180.000 m³/h
  • Total pressure up to 1.400 Pa