Applications for ventilation and air-conditioning

Fan solutions for ventilation and air-conditioning

Fan solutions for ventilation and air-conditioning


The Heart of the ventilation- and air-conditioning plant


Nowadays there is a great choice of different fan ranges available for everybody who has to select fans for a ventilation and air-conditioning system. Every execution has been optimised to it’s strengths.

The extensive product range of Nicotra Gebhardt offers the opportunity to find just the right fan for every application.

Everbody who selects a fan is responsible to make best use of the energy and to respect the admitted limits for noise emission.

It is not difficult to make a centrifugal fan for an air conditioning unit a few euros cheaper. But to design it in a way that it saves valuable energy during operation is a real technological challenge.

In this respect, the EVO and ROTAVENT from Nicotra Gebhardt continues to provide the technology with the highest level of system performance and, as a consequence, the best solution where energy efficiency counts.



The efficient fan technology with scroll casing and airfoil blades!

The high efficiency of the Rotavent stretches across a wide performance range. The advantage being that less power is required also in the part load area.


evo 2

Unparalleled system efficiency for plug fans

The Evo sets a new standard in efficiency. No other plug fan reaches higher system efficiency.

The challenges and our solutions:

Installation time
Ready-to-install fan systems save our customers valuable installation time
Lower energy consumption and noise is the result with the Evo and Rotavent fan systems
High standard of quality and different corrosion protection systems ex factory
More than 50 years of experience in fan solutions for ventilation applications

Waiting time
aAgreed delivery dates result in lower planning and logistics costs
Drive and control
Various drive concepts make the fan a demand-actuated system
Catalogue data in accuracy class 1 according to DIN 24166 secure our customers planning