Fans for Ventilation and Air Conditioning


Scroll casing with backward curved profile blades – double inlet

High performance centrifugal fan RDP

Double width, double inlet (DWDI), direct drive. Lap-jointed scroll made of galvanized steel (EN 10142), assembled through a standing seam. V-shaped cut-off at fan discharge. Centrifugal impeller with 11 backward inclined blades welded made of aluminium, directly mounted on a brushless, permanent magnets, DC- external rotor motor, no transmission losses, dynamically balanced according to DIN ISO 21940-11. High efficient 2 kW single-phase driver sensor-less algorithm with integrated active PFC and thermal derating protection. Driver is directly mounted on scroll, plug and play solution, no need further configuration. Continuous speed variation control Drive System by signal  0 ... 10 V or with Modbus RS485 compliant interface. All the drive system is completely in protection class IP 44. Power source 230V – 50/60 Hz. Maintenance free! Air performance ratings according to AMCA 210-07 (Fig. 12) and ISO 5801 (Fig. 69 c and par. 30.2 f).

Sizes: 315 - 500

Max. motor power: 2 kW