Everything that you need
we can provide.

Unparalleled broad and extensive range.

Why fans from
Nicotra Gebhardt?

The best cost/benefit solution for me.

Your advantages with us:

Fans with an integrated
efficiency edge.

Our fans deliver the best efficiencies and lowest noise levels worldwide. This means: best cost/benefit ratio throughout the life cycle.

More than 50 years’ experience in fan manufacture.

Use our vast experience and leadership role in innovations. Nicotra Gebhardt, for instance, brought the first hollow profile impeller on the market and is now the recognised specialist for profiled impellers.

Unparalleled broad and extensive product range.

Your benefits:

Flexible configuration from a wide variety of components.
This saves time and costs and simplifies maintenance and operations.
Expert advice: : Our experienced employees deal precisely with the specific requirements of the industry. In most cases, there is not just one fan that is also the best fan. In the context of a wide range, we develop the optimal solution together with you.

This applies to the most varied of industries and applications: :
Industrial and process air
Ventilating and air conditioning systems
Complete smoke extraction systems
Roof ventilation and BelAir systems
Clean air technology system modernisation
Cleanroom technology

Put briefly: Thanks to our extremely wide range, we are able to offer the best solution to meet your exact needs.

Save now by optimising your system (retrofit).

Save by modernisation!

By replacing your fans, you will

  • Lower your power consumption
  • Lower your maintenance costs
  • Minimise your emission levels

More about retrofit

Everything that you need, we will provide.

Product highlight:

RLM EVO with fitted frequency inverter
The Practical Advantages:

Exceptionally economical:
Benefit from the preliminary work carried out by Nicotra Gebhardt with a true plug-and-play system. Each systems solution is delivered pre-assembled, wired and configured – including a functional test and test run. Get a complete service package from one source in just one order. That saves a lot of time and money

Completely secure mounting:
The plug-and-play solution including configuration of your key data ensures extremely easy connection and smooth start-up. From now on, use unshielded cables over the shortest route. The separate and weather-resistant mounting of the inverter outside of the system is now a thing of the past. These advantages reduce costs enormously.

Highly flexible:
Choose from a freely configurable variety of motors, impeller sizes and housing specifications according to requirements and control all the functions via the display. This makes maintenance and servicing easier. And: The fan can be configured for underfrequency if required. Reach the duty point of the system in the most effective way at the best price-performance ratio.

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