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The efficient allrounder

With the new RVMEVO product series whereby we can use motor efficiencies of up to IE4 – far beyond the specification required in the future. Therefore the RVMEVO is even, today, fulfilling the highest standard required from 2018 by the ErP directive which is being introduced step by step. There are good reasons for this since every individual part of the ventilator contributes to a successful overall concept.

  • Individual configuration for volume flows of up to 34,000 m³/h
  • Standard motors merge with the impeller and housing to an efficient unit
  • Diffusor-free sucking in by means of a performance-optimised inlet nozzle
  • Simple mounting based on compatibility with standard measurements
  • Exact controlling at the duty point by means of frequency converter operation
  • The best possible performance values save energy in the full and partial loading range
  • Vertical blowing out direction avoids dirt accumulating on the roof
  • The low sound power levels allow the RVM to achieve best values
  • Simple and secure handling without the need for special tools
  • Fully compatible with the large and tried and tested range of Nicotra Gebhardt accessories
  • Through use of an efficient EVO impeller, the RVM is already meeting future requirements today
  • A time-saving electrical connection achieved using defined cable routing
  • IE3 motors are available for even higher efficiency requirements
  • Excellent data accuracy according to DIN 24166
  • Available at short notice