Fan solutions for Industrial and process Applications

Fan solutions for Industrial and process Applications

Fan solutions for Industrial and process Applications


Process air fans are frequently an important component of machines and installations. In these applications they assure functions that would not be possible without a well defined air flow. Of these specially developed, robust fans, there are several standard ranges and a number of customer-specific solutions.

For more than 20 years we have been successfully active in the field of process air technology. With the knowledge of the requirements of your branch our specialists can combine it with their own fan expertise to offer advice and solutions.


In this regard the level of consulting competence extends far beyond the usual level and also includes areas such as:

  • the technical flow integration of the fan in the machine
  • minimisation of noise emission
  • minimum energy consumption
  • vibration considerations
  • solutions where installation space is at a premium

Our products stand for the highest level of quality and reliability. Moreover we can offer cost effective, modifications tailored to your needs.

In addition to the broad line of standardised centrifugal fans for ventilation and air-conditioning technology and process air technology, as well as the many variants that can be generated with our product line, Nicotra Gebhardt also has years of experience in the area of customer-specific fan solutions. If the requirement is appropriate even totally new developments are possible.

Many successful projects for our customers in different industries speak for themselves.

The challenges and our solutions:

Process and cost optimisation
Our fan systems are customised optimally to the needs of our customers
By working in close collaboration with our customers, we develop just the right fan system for our customers

Security for the future
The advancement of our products ensures that our customers’ systems can be sustainably upgraded
Planning and functional reliability
Our high standards are ensured through standardised performance data and high production quality