Fans for Ventilation and Air Conditioning

RPM MultiEvo (EN)

Hybrid multiple discharge integrated scroll technology with up to 78 % system efficiency.

The new RPM MultiEvo combines the compact design of plug fans with the benefits of traditional cased fans.
In principle, it is a directly driven centrifugal fan with spiral shaped guide vanes. The unique design of the
multiple discharge scroll far exceeds the efficiency levels of conventional EC plug fans.
Fan systems which are arranged in a row or stacked form a multiple wall configuration - a so-
called fangrid
Fans made using hybrid design with an integrated re-direction device are particularly suitable
for creating multiple wall configurations, as this facilitates air flows to the outlets one to ano-
ther more easily. In comparison with free-running fans, there will be no significant installation


  • Sizes:
    800 x 800 mm; mit Laufradgröße 400 mm
    1200 x 1200 mm; mit Laufradgröße 630 mm.